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Client Wins

Client Wins
Becca W.

Becca W.

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Sarah L.

Sarah L.

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Kathryn M.

Kathryn M.

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Working with Abid has been life-transforming. I began working with Abid during a transitional period in my life when I was moving to a new city. It was a gift working with him during that time because he made the move so much easier and more enjoyable. We were able to clear long-standing issues regarding relationships, career, self-confidence, creativity, health, etc. I was able to let go of the baggage holding me back from embracing the next chapter of my life. His compassion and patience made it so easy for me to open up and trust him. I feel much more capable than I have in so long! I no longer worry about what the future holds. I have much more faith than I ever have. I've also done a lot of other inner work throughout the years and this by far has been the most transformational. If you are considering whether or not to work with Abid to uplevel to the next version of yourself, allow this to be the invitation to do so!

- Sarah | New York, USA

"Working with Abid was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We worked through things that had been holding me back for SO long. Our sessions brought things to the surface that I was struggling with. Abid offered a space for me that was non-judgemental and safe to really dive deep into things that I found hard to talk about. It was a truly transformative and life-changing experience. I highly recommend him for anyone who is ready to step into their power!"

- Stephanie | London, UK

"I worked with Abid to work on my blocks and fears around money and the belief that I would never make money doing what I love. Before working with him, I was feeling incredibly anxious as I had received some big news regarding an exciting opportunity that I knew would require me to walk through my fears around money. As soon as we finished working together, I felt a huge change in my energy.  The tightness in my chest and anxiety dissipated and I felt an overwhelming sensation of peace. Almost like I could breathe again. The exact belief we worked on, which for so long had such a suffocating power over me, no longer held the same emotional charge. In fact, it had not charge AT ALL! Abid, you are magic!!

- Aliya | Vancouver, Canada

"I've worked with other coaches in the past and though each program had its own place, yours was by far the most transformational experience for me. And you consistently brought a lot of wisdom to each session!"

- Mark | New York, United States

"Where I once might have had spiraling, negative or anxiety-driven thoughts​, I now find it much easier to catch myself and stop. I also have experienced newfound confidence, that yes, I can, of course, make money doing what I love! Physically when it comes to thinking of money, I have been able to breathe a lot easier too. Such a relief!! Thank you for your help and I loved working with you!"

- Hannah | United Kingdom

"Before I had my session with you, I was in a constant state of resistance. Resistance towards my life purpose, my love life, and my healing. What I mean by resistance is a constant state of struggle. I was not happy with where I was and fought it. Now, I'm FINALLY in a state of flow and I'm just allowing things to come to me"

- Shierin | Los Angeles, USA

"My experience with Abid was great. he was always very insightful and held space for me in such a great way. Having dealt with anxiety for quite some time, I have found that my perspective on different aspects of my life has shifted. I would recommend anyone to Abid that wants to transform any part of their life!"

- Iman | Karachi, Pakistan

"Before our session, I had debilitating back pain when I would sleep at night. It was located in the centre of my back and it hurt to even roll over in bed. Now it's all gone!! Mind-Blowing!"

- Jessica | Los Angeles, USA

"I really wanted to thank you for the session. I felt so amazing after it! I danced for about an hour by myself in my room! I also tried to reconnect with the belief that we just transformed to see if anything changed, but it really disappeared! I couldn't even connect with the feeling, all I felt was calmness and peace. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

- Tess | Copenhagen, Denmark

"POWERFUL - What you did for me this past weekend was life-changing. So grateful for our session"

- Lu | Toronto, Canada

"In our session, I found deep serenity and innate knowledge that everything will work out in divine timing. The feeling of calmness washed over me, my muscles relaxed, my heart rate slowed, the tightness in my chest released, the extreme stress and confusion I felt about the situation completely washed away!

I was left with what can only be described as a deep comforting feeling, and the ability to breathe easier and feel at peace. I am now able to approach and view the situation surrounding a career switch and finding my calling with a clearer and calmer mind!"

- Anna | Sydney, Australia

"I wasn't very familiar with PSYCH-K but was lucky enough to work with Abid. I had experienced intense grief and was unable to let it go. Abid was warm, genuine, and instantly made me feel comfortable. After just one session, I am more at ease and FINALLY feel I'm past the issue. I highly recommend working with him if you have the chance!"

- Sarah | Zurich, Switzerland

"After our session, my boyfriend was shocked by how alive and joyful I was. He jokes and said anytime I was down he should just buy me a session with you! Haha. I literally felt high for two days after. I also felt like I came back into my body and I had no idea I had been checked out for so long. It was a beautiful experience. I just had a confrontation with my mentor about my fear of being controlled and handled it better than I ever have which tells me the work we did really helped ground and heal my heart. I LOVED my experience, thank you!"

- Olivia | Berlin, Germany

"Thank you very much for everything Abid. I enjoyed working with you and I am AMAZED how much we covered. I am already finding my head is a lot lighter than normal, meaning I can feel I am a lot more present in the here and now rather than having thoughts rummaging around in my head. Definitely seeing things flow more easily and the memories we covered at the outset are not coming up. When I think of them, they seem far away and I am not present in them, just observing. Thank you."

- Saed | London, UK

"In our session, we worked on a fear of heights, as you said I went to the high castle wall that is about a 30 feet drop into the courtyard with no safety barrier. I walked straight across with no sign of that awful freaking out feeling I would have had before. There is NO WAY I could have done that before working with you"

- Bryan | London, UK

"I feel the most noticeable shift is positivity. Although I'm aware of negative thoughts, I refuse to give them any energy, and quickly change to a positive outcome or at least deflect the situation asap. I feel very positive about life and the future. I feel very good about my body, and just feel so trusting of the universe. I am really pleased I chose to work with you!"

- James | United Kingdom

"Abid! I had such discomfort in my stomach, something that I hadn't experienced in almost a decade. I thought it was a new supplement I was taking but after we got the message that I needed to balance more masculine and feminine energies in myself, it made complete sense!! I was so overloaded with work and I felt like I couldn't say no to my coworkers but today I took a day for myself and WOW, do I feel 10 years newer! 

Thank you for holding space for me to cry, laugh, and really observe myself in this way. Your energy is really powerfully calm and is a grounding force in this work. My pain went down from a 10 to a 2 and I'm starting to feel hungry again which is a great sign of recovery. Thank you"

- Amelia | Barcelona, Spain

"Abid - I want to share this huge win I've had lately. Yesterday, I had a phone call with my mom and I told her that this current career path I'm on is no longer what I want to do, and instead, I want to spend 6 months focusing on personal development and charting a new path for myself. Before working with you, it would've been very difficult for me to have this conversation with her, but yesterday it just came out so easily that I didn't even realise what I was saying until I was midway through it.  You really helped me see that if I leave corporate, I'm not letting my parents down; I'm creating an opportunity for more love and more connection. And now with my mom on board with this new career path, that's one more block cleared towards creating and living the life I want!"

- Sophie | California, USA

"Thank you so so much for today's was absolutely beyond words. I feel so much more at ease knowing that I am never alone, that the universe always has my back, and that I am always safe. I feel so much more free to travel and do all the things I want to now! And having that space to honor my grandpa and let'm just in shock. I'm filled with love and gratitude." 

- Emily | London, UK

"After our session, I felt so amazing, I danced for about one hour by myself in my room! I also tried to reconnect with the belief that we just transformed to see if anything has changed but it really disappeared! I couldn't even connect with the feeling, all I felt was calmness and pace. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work!"

- Jessica | Copenhagen, Denmark

"Thank you for our session. At first, I felt a little more on edge and off but that past by the end of yesterday, and today reflecting back I definitely feel a subtle shift. I look forward to more of it and definitely no fear or anxiety about a relationship. I had a date today and it was a different experience in a good way than my dates had been before. Thank you"

- Jenna | New York, USA

"I highly recommend Abid, it’s a nonevasive approach I would say the majority of human beings prefer! Talking about mental health and feelings/emotions in general for me and especially being male is very difficult to the standard therapy like CBT etc out there but this type of therapy is more physical and ridiculously simple with much higher positive results than any type of therapy out there. Abid irons out any stress being caused almost immediately and is detailed and genuinely caring to help you feel better and be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend a course with Abid if you are serious about changing your life for the absolute best."

- Chris N.  | London, UK

"My session with Abid was truly transformative. I went in feeling a bit skeptical as I wasn't sure if I would feel better...but now I literally feel incredible. I genuinely sound like one of those people you see on the TV but Abid is really good! His methods are not like any transformative coach I've ever met and I would definitely recommend him!"

- Zina | London, UK

"Working with Abid was really insightful. he was able to help me get to the root of what was keeping me blocked really quickly and easily and I was surprised at how quickly my stress around these situations completely transformed!!

I was totally blocked from moving forward with certain aspects of my business and after the session with Abid, I had a renewed sense of inspiration to get going with it. I'd really recommend Abid for anyone who is looking to move forward quickly in their life and business!!"

- Sarah | United States

"When I left our last session I was literally buzzing. I could feel it throughout my entire body, and it seemed like I was practically radiating positive energy. I can't believe it happened so quickly! AND - I just got an email today alerting me to a regular biweekly paycheck. Before we talked I had asked for a raise to get up to an even amount with someone who was working FOR me, and my boss agreed on the spot. Well, it turns out when I calculated my paycheck today to see if the raise had come through - I was actually already making that much and so essentially I got an even bigger raise! So I'm now making 14% more than what I thought I was making. So amazing"

- Misha | Melbourne, Australia

"From the first moment I met Abid, I was at ease. I could sense his deep compassion and poise. I was able to open up to him about my most private and challenging issues. Together we uncovered beliefs and events that had held me back for many years. We healed traumas from my past and firmly put in place some empowering beliefs. After only 3 sessions, I feel like my life is ready to soar. I see endless possibilities for my own life. With this new perspective, I feel lighter and my life is unfolding in marvelous ways....Yet, we have just started. I recommend Abid without any reservation"

- Michael | Kenya, Africa

"Abid - the sessions we have had together have been absolutely powerful and I can see the transformation in practically every area of my life" 

- Marissa | Portugal

"Recently I had a scary encounter where I was being followed. I kept listening to my intuition on how to get out of it and get back home and as I was doing that the affirmations we imprinted kept playing in my head. Today, I went on my walk for the first time since. I wanted to take my power back with the knowing that I'm divinely guided. It really made me see that it didn't mean that those situations couldn't happen but that I now have the tools to overcome them when they do. Thank you for helping me with that!!"

- Brandy | Seattle, USA

"My session with Abid was inspirational and healing. I didn't think you could move so quickly through blocks and make such positive changes, but WOW! So grateful!" 

- Lindsay | California, USA

"Abid - the work we did together really helped to super speed things! One of the beliefs we worked on was 'I can make money doing things I love' and that's exactly what has manifested into my life!!"

- Katie | London, UK

"I felt amazing after the session. I felt really alive, something I haven't felt for years. All day yesterday I was out at the beach and enjoying the scenery without any judgment. I was feeling joyful like a little kid and excited! I was clear in my mind and heart and completely connected."

- Aisha | California, USA

“Abid has guided me through one of the most powerful healing/energetic sessions I have ever had! Abid's neutrality, calmness, and insights are unparalleled. Just after one session, I have experienced tremendous shifts in my perspective, literally feeling the shedding of what no longer serves. The next day I felt an energy shift in my body and saw the world and myself differently. I look forward to seeing what PSYCH-K and further sessions with Abid can do for my self-development."


- Anna | Paris, France

"Abid has guided me through two very powerful sessions that have allowed me to access parts of myself that would only be available to me very rarely and were always fleeting. I've experienced high levels of anxiety daily for a very long time, but after our last session when we worked on transforming it, I instantly felt the calmest I have in what feels like forever. Despite a few days of being surprised that the anxiety hadn't returned, I remained skeptical and expected something to come along that would trigger it again. I'm happy to report that two weeks later, I still feel so much calmer and present in my body. When something does come up, it feels natural to regulate my own emotions and come back to center. I had no idea that I was possible to achieve such quick and lasting relief from something that has been a constant companion since childhood no matter what I would try. I'd honestly recommend Abid and Psych-K to anyone - this stuff works! And Abid has such a gift for holding a completely calm, neutral space which I'm sure plays a huge role in how well it works. I look forward to continuing our sessions and reprogramming the subconscious with ease (and speed!)."

- Chandni | Dubai, UAE

"A couple of months ago you worked with me on a fear of coughing and communicating freely at a time when I was wrought with anxiety. Your session helped me so much; I really attribute a lot of my empowerment to our session together. Thank you so much :-)"

- Sarah | London, UK

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for holding such a powerful space and facilitating so much growth. Since our session, for the first time in my life, I started to notice unhealthy patterns that I was getting caught in, where I was keeping myself disempowered or not speaking my truth, and after our session I not only identified those patterns, but also felt so much more comfortable speaking easily and freely, and breaking out of these patterns! The shift in my behavior and thought process was so subtle, but the effect was huge. I feel so much more empowered and free. :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you for this transformational experience!!"

- Dominique | California, USA


"I recently had a session with Abid as I was hoping he could help me with a phobia I had of birds, and I was absolutely right. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to seek help as having a phobia of birds sounds a bit ridiculous but after speaking to Abid, he made me feel completely at ease, and I was assured that there was absolutely no judgment from his side, he was just excited to help. 


I honestly didn’t think that one session would have such a big impact, and even after I left I was still a bit skeptical of it as I didn’t think anything IN THIS WORLD could help me as I was absolutely scared to death of birds. I’m so happy to say that I was proved wrong!! Even though I don’t think I’d ever own a parrot I can definitely say that I am now so much calmer around birds, and I can go on walks without being paranoid that a bird is around. I hardly even notice them, which is HUGE for someone who used to run into the middle of a busy road to avoid pigeons!


I’d honestly recommend Abid to everyone, and to anyone reading this that is skeptical of PSYCH-K, trust me it actually works! I’m so glad that I found Abid to guide me through it all. There's a great sense of calmness around him, which is so important when doing things like this. I’m so excited to work more with Abid to discover all the possibilities PSYCH-K will give me!"


- Aaliyah | London, UK

"I am so grateful for my sessions with Abid. In only two sessions he has helped me more than in 10 years of trying out all sorts of different therapy methods! Being very sensitive to people's emotions I always had a hard time being around people as I felt their emotions and thoughts about me so strong. This caused panic attacks and a lot of tension and unease in my body and mind. I would try to avoid big groups of people and spend more and more time on my own. Abid has helped me to shift my beliefs around that and the results are amazing. Now I can still feel the emotions of other people but I am able to stay grounded and authentic with myself since they don't trigger me anymore. Thank you for this big shift and the ease it has brought to my life!!!"

- Leah | Amsterdam, Netherlands

"The PSYCH-K session with Abid came to me exactly when I needed it the most and I thank him for that amazing gift of peacefulness that followed. The level of uncertainty in my life grew to such level that I constantly lived in stress, worry, and experienced anxiety attacks. The session with Abid cleared the stress associated with the situation and any worry that remained was transformed into a motivation to do something about it as soon as possible! I have not frozen with fear anymore and since the session, I haven’t had an anxiety attack. Absolutely amazing and a really fast transformation!!”


- Jo Vita | London, UK

"My experience with Abid has been nothing short of extraordinary. I’ve spent a lot of time the past 6 years working on my mindset, reading, doing affirmations, visualising, and doing all manner of things with the goal of being financially independent. It led me to quit my job and move abroad with the hope of putting myself in an extremely risky situation… anything to force me to take the action steps I needed. On the face of it, I had done everything right. I studied, learned new skills, and followed all the steps I was being told to do in my chosen field. But for some reason, unlike everyone else, it wasn’t working for me.


I didn’t really know what to expect from the session. All I can document is the results. Abid told me to expect intense dreams the first night. And he wasn’t wrong. I woke up in the morning and I was hit by an idea that could transform my start-up business. Not only that, my whole attitude to money seemed to shift overnight. When I find myself in a situation where I would normally panic or worry about my financial situation… nothing happened. It felt like I was hitting play on a DVD player but there was no DVD to be played. It was a strange sensation. And it’s been that way since.


Overall it was a great experience. I couldn’t say for sure whether the client I signed up for £1,000 two days later had anything to do with the session. And I don’t care. I spent 6 years trying to put myself in a situation where I could earn money on my terms. It happened 2 days after my session with Abid. That first session is now going to be the first session of many more to come!" 


- Daniel | London, UK

"I have always been skeptical about such things, as they tend to be too good to be true. The method caught me completely off guard, you don't even have to talk, your subconscious talks for you! After just one session, it was clear to me that this worked, there was a complete shift in my outlook. I feel amazing!"

- Sean | London, UK


"PSYCH-K has made me realise how powerful our thoughts are. It sounded crazy to me at first but it actually works! I used to have debilitating anxiety that would keep me bound to the confines of my home but after a few sessions, I am moving through New York without fear! It's amazing!!"


- Layla | New York, USA

"My sessions with Abid were amazing. During the session he was super engaged and I felt immediately comfortable. He also is very wise which I think is a good trait for a facilitator to have haha. After the session I honestly felt like I was on some sort of high for hours, I felt so much lighter. We did a lot of core belief work and that has allowed me to begin shifting my perspective on the way the world works. I have some pretty intense blocks and the sessions have been able to make more of a dent in them than anything I’ve tried. I’m actually starting to believe that life might not be out to get me and that it’s maybe even on my side."

- Alesha | Atlanta, USA

"The session with Abid was extremely helpful in revealing my own thoughts and emotions as well as how to control them. PSYCH-K is endless in its ability to help you and the more focus and trust you put in, the better results you'll get out of it."


- Dr. Johal | London, UK


"My first session with Abid was nothing short of amazing. His warm and engaging nature made it easy for me to share my issues. I felt a huge transformation in myself in the days after the session. I would recommend Abid to anyone looking for a real and long-lasting personal transformation."


- Sophia | New York, USA

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