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Working with Abid has been life-transforming. I began working with Abid during a transitional period in my life when I was moving to a new city. It was a gift working with him during that time because he made the move so much easier and more enjoyable. We were able to clear long-standing issues regarding relationships, career, self-confidence, creativity, health, etc. I was able to let go of the baggage holding me back from embracing the next chapter of my life. His compassion and patience made it so easy for me to open up and trust him. I feel much more capable than I have in so long! I no longer worry about what the future holds. I have much more faith than I ever have. I've also done a lot of other inner work throughout the years and this by far has been the most transformational. If you are considering whether or not to work with Abid to uplevel to the next version of yourself, allow this to be the invitation to do so!

- Sarah | New York, USA

"Working with Abid was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We worked through things that had been holding me back for SO long. Our sessions brought things to the surface that I was struggling with. Abid offered a space for me that was non-judgemental and safe to really dive deep into things that I found hard to talk about. It was a truly transformative and life-changing experience. I highly recommend him for anyone who is ready to step into their power!"

- Stephanie | London, UK

"I worked with Abid to work on my blocks and fears around money and the belief that I would never make money doing what I love. Before working with him, I was feeling incredibly anxious as I had received some big news regarding an exciting opportunity that I knew would require me to walk through my fears around money. As soon as we finished working together, I felt a huge change in my energy.  The tightness in my chest and anxiety dissipated and I felt an overwhelming sensation of peace. Almost like I could breathe again. The exact belief we worked on, which for so long had such a suffocating power over me, no longer held the same emotional charge. In fact, it had not charge AT ALL! Abid, you are magic!!

- Aliya | Vancouver, Canada

"I've worked with other coaches in the past and though each program had its own place, yours was by far the most transformational experience for me. And you consistently brought a lot of wisdom to each session!"

- Mark | New York, United States

"Where I once might have had spiraling, negative or anxiety-driven thoughts​, I now find it much easier to catch myself and stop. I also have experienced newfound confidence, that yes, I can, of course, make money doing what I love! Physically when it comes to thinking of money, I have been able to breathe a lot easier too. Such a relief!! Thank you for your help and I loved working with you!"

- Hannah | United Kingdom

"Before I had my session with you, I was in a constant state of resistance. Resistance towards my life purpose, my love life, and my healing. What I mean by resistance is a constant state of struggle. I was not happy with where I was and fought it. Now, I'm FINALLY in a state of flow and I'm just allowing things to come to me"

- Shierin | Los Angeles, USA

"My experience with Abid was great. he was always very insightful and held space for me in such a great way. Having dealt with anxiety for quite some time, I have found that my perspective on different aspects of my life has shifted. I would recommend anyone to Abid that wants to transform any part of their life!"

- Iman | Karachi, Pakistan

"Before our session, I had debilitating back pain when I would sleep at night. It was located in the centre of my back and it hurt to even roll over in bed. Now it's all gone!! Mind-Blowing!"

- Jessica | Los Angeles, USA

"I really wanted to thank you for the session. I felt so amazing after it! I danced for about an hour by myself in my room! I also tried to reconnect with the belief that we just transformed to see if anything changed, but it really disappeared! I couldn't even connect with the feeling, all I felt was calmness and peace. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

- Tess | Copenhagen, Denmark

"POWERFUL - What you did for me this past weekend was life-changing. So grateful for our session"

- Lu | Toronto, Canada

"In our session, I found deep serenity and innate knowledge that everything will work out in divine timing. The feeling of calmness washed over me, my muscles relaxed, my heart rate slowed, the tightness in my chest released, the extreme stress and confusion I felt about the situation completely washed away!

I was left with what can only be described as a deep comforting feeling, and the ability to breathe easier and feel at peace. I am now able to approach and view the situation surrounding a career switch and finding my calling with a clearer and calmer mind!"

- Anna | Sydney, Australia

"I wasn't very familiar with PSYCH-K but was lucky enough to work with Abid. I had experienced intense grief and was unable to let it go. Abid was warm, genuine, and instantly made me feel comfortable. After just one session, I am more at ease and FINALLY feel I'm past the issue. I highly recommend working with him if you have the chance!"

- Sarah | Zurich, Switzerland

"After our session, my boyfriend was shocked by how alive and joyful I was. He jokes and said anytime I was down he should just buy me a session with you! Haha. I literally felt high for two days after. I also felt like I came back into my body and I had no idea I had been checked out for so long. It was a beautiful experience. I just had a confrontation with my mentor about my fear of being controlled and handled it better than I ever have which tells me the work we did really helped ground and heal my heart. I LOVED my experience, thank you!"

- Olivia | Berlin, Germany

"Thank you very much for everything Abid. I enjoyed working with you and I am AMAZED how much we covered. I am already finding my head is a lot lighter than normal, meaning I can feel I am a lot more present in the here and now rather than having thoughts rummaging around in my head. Definitely seeing things flow more easily and the memories we covered at the outset are not coming up. When I think of them, they seem far away and I am not present in them, just observing. Thank you."

- Saed | London, UK

"In our session, we worked on a fear of heights, as you said I went to the high castle wall that is about a 30 feet drop into the courtyard with no safety barrier. I walked straight across with no sign of that awful freaking out feeling I would have had before. There is NO WAY I could have done that before working with you"

- Bryan | London, UK

"I feel the most noticeable shift is positivity. Although I'm aware of negative thoughts, I refuse to give them any energy, and quickly change to a positive outcome or at least deflect the situation asap. I feel very positive about life and the future. I feel very good about my body, and just feel so trusting of the universe. I am really pleased I chose to work with you!"

- James | United Kingdom