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I'll help you condense your healing journey from years into weeks. Watch this video to see how ↓:

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Client Results:

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"(I am) feeling empowered in my life and full and whole as myself"

"This type of therapy...has much higher

positive results than any type of therapy out there"

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Meet Abid

Abid's goal is to help you condense your healing journey from years into weeks by tapping into your subconscious mind. 

After a quarter-life crisis, Abid needed to find the simplest way to create a lasting transformation. He subsequently spent several years learning from global teachers about how to tap into the subconscious and overcome stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs in minutes. 

He has helped hundreds of people transform their limitations and embody their highest vision and is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, NLP master practitioner, and Subconscious Specialist.

  • How can you transform things that take hours in a matter of minutes?
    Through PSYCH-K we work with the subconscious mind, thereby having a huge change on the conscious level as our subconscious is 95% of our operating system! This is why so much 'work' can be accomplished in such a short amount of time. We use a variety of PSYCH-K balanced to create a 'whole-brain state' which is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new self-empowering beliefs, reducing past, present, future stress and traumas and helping you access your fullest potential. However, there are still conscious action steps that need to be taken. You can't say you want to be an Olympic athlete and then not go and train! PSYCH-K clears the subconscious blocks that may be associated with the new goal you are trying to achieve.
  • How long does it take for it to work?
    The results can be felt within minutes! If we are working with transforming the perception of traumas, for example, the shift can be felt in a matter of minutes. If you want to transform a limiting belief that you have, you may notice a subtle energetic change immediately, but only once you take the conscious action steps will you see the momentum building and the change manifesting in your life.
  • What's the difference between PSYCH-K and Hynotherapy?
    - Hypnotherapy places authority on the therapist, PSYCH-K gives greater or equal authority to the client. - Through Hypnotherapy, you have no conscious awareness of the state you are in, with PSYCH-K you are 100% conscious throughout - Hypnotherapy doesn't have any permission protocols embedded to see if the action is for your best and highest good. PSYCH-K has these embedded to ensure the actions we take are for your best interest - Through Hypnotherapy oftentimes the client has to reveal embarrasing information, through PSYCH-K this can remain private but can still be worked with - PSYCH-K is more a 'do with' approach rather than a 'do to' approach
  • How many sessions are needed?
    It is hard to say how many sessions are needed because much like peeling an onion, there may be many layers involved if a belief or trauma is deeply rooted. Most clients need between 2 - 8 sessions.
  • Does this really work through Zoom?
    YES!! I work with 95% of my clients online and there is no difference in results. The PSYCH-K change is all carried out by you and YOU experience the benefits first hand! I just guide you through the process. Everything is energy and quantum physics has proven that we are all connected regardless of where we are in the world or universe. Just like when you think about a friend on the other side of the world and the next minute you get a call from them! Science is only just realizing and exploring the power behind our thoughts, emotions and feelings.
  • How long does it last for?
    PSYCH-K is long-lasting and usually lasts until it is no longer useful to the subconscious mind, or until you decide you want something else. As with anything, if there is a new trauma or a highly emotional experience after the session e.g. a car accident, this can embed a new belief in to the subconscious. Life is an evolutionary process, so what you want a year from now will be different to the change you are seeking today.
  • What happens if I experienced something highly traumatic that I don't want to talk about?
    Some of my clients have gone through severe trauma which, understandably they don't want to share. Thankfully, there is a PSYCH-K process that allows us to work with the trauma without you having to consciouly talk about it.

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