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Disclaimer: The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical attention or professional mental health care.


My Story

The first time I came across the power of the subconscious was whilst I was at university. As part of my business degree, I had to work internationally for a year. l was absolutely determined to work in New York. Ever since seeing it in the movies, it had always been a dream of mine.

However, the US has various visa restrictions and I was told by my university advisor that they have no contacts out there and it would be 'impossible' to get a job. I was devasted.

At the time, I was reading about the power of visualisation so I decided to put a picture of a 'random' New York street as my computer background. Every day, I would just spend 2 - 3 minutes visualising myself being there and most importantly, my subconscious mind would be registering it every time I went on the computer.

Out of the blue, a company came through my university and they were hiring in Chicago. I thought that was close enough! I got to the final stage of the interview and was told that I was perfect for the job. I was delighted.....But, at the last minute, the offer was pulled as I was told I was too young!! (As the legal drinking age in America is 21 and I was 20 and it was an event marketing company). I was heartbroken. During this time, I also had an offer from a top 5 bank in Germany and a promising start-up in Spain. I had one week left to give the university my final decision.


I was still fixated on New York. I decided I had to go all in. I desperately messaged everyone I knew and found out that an old business contact had set up an office in America and was looking to hire someone for a position in.... New York! A door had opened. Long story short, I got the job and found a sponsor for my visa in 2 weeks. I was ecstatic!


Now here is where it gets interesting. During the first few weeks at my new job, I naturally wondered around at lunchtime to explore the city. However, one lunchtime, I got a little lost....but felt I was in a familiar setting. I was about to cross the street and looked up......My jaw dropped. It was the exact same spot where my computer background photo was taken.




Since then, a whole new world had opened and I was reading everything I could about the power of the mind, the subconscious, and reality. This all led me to PSYCH-K®.


I was introduced to PSYCH - K® by a close friend and mentor who had heard Rob Williams (the originator) speak in an interview and was in absolute awe. I was skeptical at first but booked the course not expecting much. There were some issues in my life that I noticed no matter how hard I worked on, they would always find a way to manifest e.g. self-esteem, abundance, health etc. In that workshop, I experienced more of an internal transformation around these issues than ever before.


What was even more amazing, was that everyone around me was also experiencing significant life changes. From being able to heal traumatic traumas to being able to eat again after being anorexic for a year and a half......all in a matter of minutes!


Needless to say, I was amazed by the results and had to learn everything I could! I soon found traveling across the world to learn from the most knowledgeable PSYCH-K® instructors. Which all led me to become one of the few PSYCH-K® preferred affiliates in the world.


The Optimal Being is all about becoming the truest version of yourself, shedding the layers of societal conditioning and helping you

realise and tap into the unlimited power that resides within you.


If you are want to take action and transform your life today